Readers ask: Where Is Parker Clay Located In Ethiopia?

Where is Parker Clay made?

Parker Clay – Handcrafted Goods Made in Ethiopia.

Is Parker clay a good brand?

Overall rating: Good Parker Clay is rated Good. Brands are rated from 1 (We Avoid) to 5 ( Great ).

Who owns Parker clay?

Ian Bentley – Founder & CEO – Parker Clay | LinkedIn.

Who started Parker clay?

(Waitdo those names sound familiar??) Their journey would eventually lead them to Ethiopia to adopt their two daughters, and then to move there in 2012 to start Parker Clay, named after their two sons. Ian reflects back on that first trip to Ethiopia as a life-altering moment.

Where are able bags made?

Whether your ABLE purse or outfit is produced in Ethiopia, Mexico, Peru, or at their headquarters in Nashville, TN, each item has one thing in common: Because it is made by women, it is leading us all one step closer to the end of generational poverty.

Is Parker clay AB Corp?


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