Readers ask: What Money Do They Use In Ethiopia?

What is the best currency to take to Ethiopia?

Ethiopian Birr (ETB) the official Currency is the best Currency of choice, though you can make payments in USD, Euro, UK Pound at some hotels and tourist service areas in equal amounts. Other small service providers like Tour Guide, Taxi and souvenir shops also could accept foreign currencies.

Can you use US dollars in Ethiopia?

Exchanging Currency in Ethiopia The preferred foreign currency is US dollars, which tourists are recommended to carry, although euros can also be exchanged.

What currency does Ethiopia use?

The Ethiopian Birr is the currency in Ethiopia (ET, ETH). The Nigerian Naira is the currency in Nigeria (NG, NGA). The Ethiopian Birr is also known as Birrs.

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How much does a dollar cost in Ethiopia?

Convert US Dollar to Ethiopian Birr

1 USD 43.2991 ETB
5 USD 216.495 ETB
10 USD 432.991 ETB
25 USD 1,082.48 ETB

Can I use my debit card in Ethiopia?

Credit cards are accepted at only a very few outlets in Addis Ababa and it is not normally possible to get currency advances against a credit card. International bank and debit cards are accepted at major banks’ ATMs in the capital but there are very limited banking facilities in most other areas.

Will my phone work in Ethiopia?

If best buy sales peoples told you, it is unlocked, It should work. You will still need a sim card from the Ethiopian Gov controlled telecommunication. you can buy a phone cards any where to fill your minutes. It is a prepaid service over there.

How much cash can I bring into Ethiopia?

Visitors to Ethiopia may hold up to a maximum of 1,000 Ethiopian birr per trip to and from Ethiopia and must declare all foreign currency exceeding the equivalent of $3,000 when entering the country. Residents of Ethiopia may not hold foreign currency for more than 30 days after declaring it.

How much money should I take to Ethiopia?

How much money will you need for your trip to Ethiopia? You should plan to spend around ETB2,588 ($60) per day on your vacation in Ethiopia, which is the average daily price based on the expenses of other visitors.

What can you buy with 1 Ethiopian Birr?


  • BAND-AID: Uno birr can still cover your cuts.
  • PEANUTS: aand birr can buy you aand packet of peanuts; a perfect protein-rich snack (unless you poor thing have an allergy to these delicious nuts).
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Why did Ethiopia change its money?

Ethiopia is demonetizing its economy with new currency to tackle hoarding and illegal trade. The Ethiopian government has unveiled a set of new bank notes as a part of its efforts to curb cash hoarding, illegal trade activities, and illicit financial flows in an already struggling economy.

What is the value of the Ethiopian birr at today’s date?

As of August 2020, 1 ETB is equal to approximately USD $0.03.

Who prints Ethiopian money?

The central bank printed 8.07 billion birr worth of notes on the replacement of the currency at the time. Early this week the government of Ethiopia introduced new currency notes, with enhanced security features and other distinctive elements.

What is the lowest currency in Ethiopia?

The birr (Amharic: ብር bər) is the unit of currency in Ethiopia. It is subdivided into 100 santim.

How much is dollar to Birr in black market?

Today (04/22/2020) Dollar official exchange rate is 33.32 birr. Black market exchange rate is still at ranges of 40.50 – 43.00 birr.

What is black market rate?

Black market exchange rates are exchange rates that differ from the officially given exchange rate set by a government. These black market rates often occur when the official rate bears little resemblance to the actual market conditions.

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