Readers ask: What Language Do They Speak In Gambela Peoples Ethiopia?

What is the capital city of Gambela?

Gambela (Amharic: ጋምቤላ) is a city and separate woreda in Ethiopia and the capital of the Gambela Region or kilil. Gambela, Ethiopia.

Gambela ጋምቤላ
Country Ethiopia
Region Gambela Region
Zone Anuak Zone
Elevation 526 m (1,726 ft)

Where is anyuak spoken?

Anuak or Anywa is a Luo language which belongs to the western Nilotic branch of the Nilotic language family. It is spoken primarily in the Western part of Ethiopia by the Anuak.

Where are the Anuak people from?

Anywa, also called Anuak, also spelled Anywak, a Luo-speaking riverine people, two-thirds of whom live in eastern South Sudan and the remainder in Ethiopia. The Anywa are believed to have migrated from lands east of the African Great Lakes several centuries ago.

How far is Gambella from Addis Ababa?

Information of Gambella Addis Ababa Flight

Aerial distance 474 KM
Total flights from Gambella to Addis Ababa in a week 15 flights
First Flight Ethiopian Air 138, departs at 09:45 AM
Last Flight Ethiopian Air 138, departs at 09:45 AM
Popular Airlines from Gambella to Addis Ababa Ethiopian Air

How many zones are there in Gambella region?

By the 2007 census, Gambela had been redivided into three zones (named for the three largest ethnic groups), and the area around Itang town had been made a special woreda; borders of existing woredas were moved around to create several new ones within the zones.

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Are there Luos in Ethiopia?

The Anuak Luo of Ethiopia are found in the Gamella region of south western Ethiopia. They are classified as Nilo-Saharan, Eastern Sudanic, Nilotics, Luo and Anuak. They are numbering 45, 646 according to (1991) census (Gilley, Leoma: 2004). Their main sources of economy are fishing, agriculture, mining and hunting.

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