Readers ask: How Do You Say Thank You In Ethiopia?

How do you say hello in Ethiopia?

A casual greeting is to say “Salam” ( Hello ).

How do you say thank you in geez?

Dehina newot? ( ደህና ነዎት?) Fine, thank you.

Is Ethiopia an LIC?

Ethiopia is Africa’s oldest independent country and its second largest in terms of population. Apart from a five-year occupation by Mussolini’s Italy, it has never been colonised.

What does Amharic mean?

Amharic, Ethiopian language(adj) the dominant and official language of Ethiopia; a Semitic language much influenced by the Cushitic language with which Amhara have been in close contact. Amharic (adj) related to or characteristic of or written in Amharic.

How do you say hi in Oromo?

Hello in Oromo language is akkam.

How do you say I love you to a girl in Amharic?

If you wanna say I love you for a man you can say ‘Ewdehalehu’ for a lady you can say ‘Ewdeshalehu’ and for many people you can say ‘Ewedachihualehu’. now this is the common word how to say I love you in Amharic. Also specifically there is this word that you will use where your love for this women or men is sincere.

How do you say thanks in Tigrinya?

Tigrinya (50%) and Arabic are the working languages. Tigrinya.

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Tigrinya – cardinal numbers
Im sorry Aytiha zeley
Thank you Yegeniyeley
You’re welcome Genzebka Genzebki


What does Selam mean in Amharic?

– Selam …. This literally means peace to you, or questioning, is it/are you peaceful? It’s used as a general greeting, selam neh (to male) selam nesh (to female) selam nachu (to plural) selam no (referring to objects)

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