Question: Where Is Erta Ale In Ethiopia?

What city is Erta Ale in?

Erta Ale volcano is a large basaltic shield volcano in the Erta Ale volcanic range in the central northern Danakil depression (NE Ethiopia). It is famed for its persistent lava lake which has been active during most of the past decades since it was first discovered in the 1960s.

What is the closest city to Erta Ale?

Ethiopia and Erta Ale The closest city, Asmara, is only 160 miles away and is the capital city of Eritea, a bordering nation to Ethipia with a population of 563,930. Notice the divergent plate boundary and how close it is to the volcano, which is at a longitude of 13.6 North and 40.67 East.

What is special about Erta Ale volcano in Ethiopia?

Erta Ale, located in Ethiopia, is a highly active volcano that contains a 0.7 x 1.6 km, elliptical summit caldera with multiple pit craters that frequently host active lava lakes. Another larger 1.8 x 3.1 km wide depression SE of the summit is bounded by curvilinear fault scarps on the SE side.

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Is Erta Ale dangerous?

It has been erupting continuously since 1967. The road to the volcano is totally unpaved (sand and rough lava) in terrible conditions, often hidden in the dust. It has a well-deserved reputation for being dangerous because of unpredictable sandstorms, which bring the visibility down to a few meters.

What makes Erta Ale unique?

While there are only five known volcanos with lava lakes globally, Erta Ale often has two active lava lakes, making it a unique site. Erta Ale was discovered in 1906, which also makes it the longest-known lava lake. Occasionally, due to pressure, “fountains” of lava will form, spewing lava in 6- to 13-foot-high plumes.

Why is the area around Erta Ale Dark?

Beneath the ground surrounding Erta Ale is an enormous pool of active magma. The lake goes through cycles and will cool, form a black layer on top, and then suddenly convect back into liquid lava.

How many active volcanoes are there in Ethiopia?

While the Ethiopian rift hosts nearly 60 volcanoes that are thought to have erupted in the past 10,000 years, there is only very sparse information about the current status of any of its ‘ active ‘ volcanoes. There are historical records for just two or three eruptions along the MER: 1631 (Dama Ali), and ca.

What is in the Afar Triangle?

The Triangle includes the lowest point in Africa, Lake Asal, Djibouti, at 155 m (or 509 ft) below sea level. The Awash River is the main waterflow into the region. It runs dry during the annual dry season, and ends as a chain of saline lakes.

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Is Erta Ale an active volcano?

As the plates separate, several active volcanoes have emerged along the seams. One of the most active is Erta Ale, a shield volcano near the Ethiopian and Eritrean border. It is known as the “smoking mountain” and the “gateway to hell” in the Afar language.

What type of volcano is Mount Fuji?

Mount Fuji is a composite cone, or stratovolcano. Composite cones, formed by violent eruptions, have layers of rock, ash, and lava. Mount Fuji is a symbol of Japan.

Is Erta Ale a caldera?

Erta Ale, in northern Afar (Ethiopia), is an active basaltic caldera characterized by many well exposed faults and fractures and a complete lack of surficial vegetation or regolith cover (Fig.

When did Erta Ale first erupt?

Erta Ale has undergone seven eruption events in the past 125 years. Three of the early eruption dates, 1873, 1903, and 1904 are uncertain. However, 1906, 1940, 1960, and 1967 are well established events. Erta Ale has been erupting continuously since 1967.

What does the volcano’s name Erta Ale mean in the local Afar language?

What does the volcano’s name, Erta Ale, mean in the local Afar language? Smoking Mountain. You just studied 64 terms!

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