Question: How To Fix Tecno W4 Ethiopia Network Not Working?

How do I fix Tecno w4 problem?

Select Apps

  1. Select Apps.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select More.
  4. Select Mobile networks.
  5. Select Access point names.
  6. Select the Menu button.
  7. Select Reset to default.
  8. Your phone will reset to default Internet and MMS settings. Network problems should be solved at this point. Remember to turn off your Wi-Fi before testing.

How do I fix Tecno network problem?

Guide To Fix Tecno Weak Signal Or Lost Network Issue

  1. Reboot the phone.
  2. Enable and Disable Airplane Mode.
  3. Switch between SIMs (if dual-SIM)
  4. Network selection mode.
  5. Toggle preferred network types.
  6. Could there be an intermediate issue?
  7. Are you blocking the cellular/ signal antenna?
  8. Use network booster.

Why is my Tecno not connecting to WIFI?

One thing we usually recommend for fixing issues on Android is restarting the phone. Simply restart your phone by long-pressing the Power button, then tap Restart. You can also restart some TECNO phones by long-pressing the Power button for about 10 seconds. Reconnect the Wi-Fi.

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How do I connect my Tecno phone to WIFI?

Select Apps

  1. Select Apps.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select Wi-Fi.
  4. Turn on Wi-Fi.
  5. Select the wireless network you want to connect to.
  6. Enter the Wi-Fi password and select Connect. Wi-Fi password.
  7. You are now connected to the Wi-Fi network.

How can I solve my phone network problem?

Restart your device.

  1. Restart your device. It might sound simple, but sometimes that’s all it takes to fix a bad connection.
  2. If restarting doesn’t work, switch between Wi-Fi and mobile data: Open your Settings app “Wireless & networks ” or “Connections”.
  3. Try the troubleshooting steps below.

How can I fix my phone without network?

How to Fix “ No Service and Signal ” on Samsung and Android

  1. Restart Your Android or Samsung Device. The easiest thing to try (and often the most effective!) to resolve a no signal issue on Android or Samsung gear is to restart your device.
  2. Toggle Airplane Mode.
  3. Manually Select Network Operators.
  4. Run a Ping Test With Service Mode.
  5. Double-Check Your Sim Card.
  6. Restore Factory Settings.

Why is my network not working?

There are a lot of possible reasons for why your internet isn’t working. Your router or modem may be out of date, your DNS cache or IP address may be experiencing a glitch, or your internet service provider could be experiencing outages in your area. The problem could be as simple as a faulty Ethernet cable.

Why is my SIM card not working?

Open Settings > Mobile Network. Under SIM Card info and Settings, Tap the SIM, and toggle on “Enable”. Also, make sure the data roaming is ON to avoid this issue when you’re in a roaming area. When you face the issue of “ SIM Card not detected ”, clearing out cache data could prove an effective solution.

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What to do when WiFi is not connecting?

Step 1: Check settings & restart

  1. Make sure Wi-Fi is on. Then turn it off and on again to reconnect. Learn how to connect to Wi-Fi networks.
  2. Make sure Airplane mode is off. Then turn it on and off again to reconnect.
  3. Press your phone’s power button for a few seconds. Then, on your screen, tap Restart.

Why WiFi is not working on my phone?

Go to settings, then on Wireless and Network check to ensure that the WiFi icon is turned on. Alternatively, draw down the notification bar menu, then enable WiFi icon if it’s off. Many users have reported having fixed android wifi problem by simply disabling airplane mode.

Why can’t I connect to my WiFi even though the password is correct?

Make sure you select the correct wireless security option when asked for your password (for example, select WEP 40/128-bit Key if you’re typing the 40-character pass key for a WEP-encrypted connection ). Try turning the card off and then on again to reset it — see Wireless network troubleshooter for more information.

How do I connect my Tecno phone to my computer?

Steps to Setting up your Tecno Phone to connect to your Laptop

  1. Go to Settings of your Tecno Phone.
  2. Select Connected Devices.
  3. Click the Cast option.
  4. Now click the three dots at the top right.
  5. Toggle ON the wireless display option.
  6. It will search for your PC.
  7. Go to your PC and click YES to connect your Tecno Phone and PC.
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How do I connect my Tecno phone to my TV?

Head to Settings > Connected devices > Cast. Tap on the Menu (three dots) at the top right corner, you will find the Enable wireless display option, touch to enable it so your Tecno phone will search for nearby devices and wireless displays. Your smart TV should be found on the list of compatible devices.

How do I enable USB tethering on Tecno?

Connect your android phone/device to the computer using any supported USB cable or the USB connectivity cable that came with it ==>go to settings from your device menu ==> click on wireless and network Settings ==> hit Tethering and portable hotspots ==> choose “ USB tethering ” ==> exit the menu and start surfing with

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