Question: How Is Microstrip Patch Antenna Used In Ethiopia Military?

Where are microstrip antennas used?

Because such antennas have a very low profile, are mechanically rugged and can be shaped to conform to the curving skin of a vehicle, they are often mounted on the exterior of aircraft and spacecraft, or are incorporated into mobile radio communications devices.

What does a patch antenna do?

It is widely used in portable wireless devices because of the ease of fabricating it on printed circuit boards. Multiple patch antennas on the same substrate (see image) called microstrip antennas, can be used to make high gain array antennas, and phased arrays in which the beam can be electronically steered.

What is the advantage of microstrip antenna?

Since then, microstrip antennas are considered as the most common types of antennas due to their obvious advantages of light weight, low cost, low profile, planar configuration, easy of conformal, superior portability, suitable for arrays, easy for fabrication, and easy integration with microwave monolithic integrate

How does a microstrip patch antenna radiate?

The microstrip consists of a very thin metallic strip placed on a ground plane with a dielectric material in-between. When the antenna is excited, the waves generated within the di-electric undergo reflections and the energy is radiated from the edges of the metal patch which is very low.

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What are the types of microstrip antenna?

There are three types in microstrip antenna: Microstrip patch antenna, Microstrip slot/travelling antenna and Printed dipole antenna. Among the above three types microstrip patch antenna can have any shape.

Is the application of microstrip antenna *?

Explanation: A 2.4 GHz Wearable Microstrip antenna is used for the Wireless Body Area Network. Detection of moving targets comes under radar application. Rectenna is a special rectifying antenna used to converts directly the microwave energy to the DC power. WiMax is an IEEE 802.16 standard used for communication.

Is patch antenna monopole?

ABSTRACT. Monopole patch antenna systems, which can generate orbital angular momentum (OAM) waves at 2.4GHz, are proposed in this paper. Two feeding networks, which constitute the proposed antenna systems with monopole patch antenna array, are designed to generate modes 1 and 2 of OAM waves.

Who invented patch antenna?

Just stumbled up on the news that Robert E Munson (“Bob Munson”) passed away on August 31, 2015. He is the inventor of what is popularly known as ” microstrip patch ” antenna.

Can microstrip antenna be used as temperature sensor?

After calibrating the thermal coefficient of the substrate dielectric constant using the measurement data, the differences between the measurements and the theoretical predictions were within the expected systematic error of the reference thermocouple, validating that a microstrip patch antenna can serve as a

What are the disadvantages of microstrip antenna?

Disadvantages of Micro-strip Patch antennas

  • Micro-strip patch antennas suffer from more drawbacks as compared to conventional antennas.
  • Bandwidth is narrow.
  • Efficiency is low.
  • Low Gain.
  • Extraneous radiation from feeds and junctions.
  • Poor end fire radiator except tapered slot antennas.
  • Low power handling capacity.
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of microstrip antenna?

➨It has higher level of cross polarization radiation. ➨It has lower power handling capability. ➨It has inherently lower impedance bandwidth. ➨The microstrip antenna structure radiates from feeds and other junction points.

What are the features of microstrip antenna?

Salient Features of Microstrip Antennas:

  • A patch antenna basically is a metal patch suspended over a ground plane, it is.
  • 2 These antennas are low profile.
  • 3 Conformable to planar & non planar surfaces.
  • 4 Mechanically robust when mounted on rigid surfaces.
  • 5 Compatible with MMIC design.

Why substrate is used in patch antenna?

Substrates use in microstrip patch antenna varies from 2.2≤Ɛ≤12. Lower the permittivity of dielectric material larger the size of the antenna but it achieves better efficiency and larger bandwidth. The Ɛr is limited by radio frequency or microwave circuit connected to antennas.

What is rectangular microstrip antenna?

A microstrip patch antenna is comprised of a radiating metallic patch situated on one side of a nonconducting substrate panel with a metallic ground plane placed on the other side of the panel.

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