Question: Hoi4 How To Win Ethiopia In 70 Days?

Is it possible to survive as Ethiopia hoi4?

As you begin the game in 1936 Ethiopia is in a relatively dire situation – underpowered and out manned by the larger and much stronger Italian forces. However it is possible to turn the odds in your favour and with some luck and persistence secure your place as an independent Ethiopia.

Can you beat Italy as Ethiopian hoi4?

The entire right side of Italy’s focus tree cannot be completed until Ethiopia has been defeated. Without half their focus tree, Italy, which starts with low stability, will fall into political disarray. Hearts of Iron IV.

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How do you beat France as Italy hoi4?

Use your 3 tank/ 2 cavalry divisions to push the city province and break through in the south. Push in the mountains with your mountaineer divisions. Have another army of 10 infantry divisions to naval invade Marseille. Spread it from there and hit the French line from behind.

How do you capitulate France hoi4?

As soon as you declare war, the Rhineland area highlighted by red becomes militarized and now your troops can enter. Quickly press Ctrl+ the fall back line so that your troops realign themselves before the French reach you. They should easily be able to do this.

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How do you beat Britain as Germany hoi4?

Unless you build a navy that can compete with the RN head to head, the best way to do beat them is to use air power and a small fast navy. Firstly you have to thoroughly win the air battle of Britain. Destroy all air bases, radar installations and as many planes as possible.

How do you invade Belgium hoi4?

You only need three 24 division strong armies on the western front. One to guard the French Border and pin down the troops on the Maginot Line when you begin your invasion of Belgium.

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