Often asked: How Does Ethiopia Say Merry Christmas?

What is Christmas in Ethiopia called?

Christmas in Ethiopia is called Ganna (or Genna) and is celebrated on January 7th.

Does Ethiopia have a Santa?

Santa Claus is a fairly recent visitor to Ethiopia, only being known about through ‘western’ Christmas traditions. In the Amharic language, Father Christmas or Santa Claus is called ‘Yágena Abãt’ which means ‘Christmas Father’.

What food is eaten on Christmas in Ethiopia?

The foods enjoyed during the Christmas season include wat, a thick, spicy stew of meat, vegetables, and sometimes eggs as well. The wat is served from a beautifully decorated watertight basket onto a “plate” of injera, which is flat sourdough bread. Pieces of injera are used as an edible spoon to scoop up the wat.

What does Genna mean in Amharic?

According to the Ethiopian Orthodox Church or in the working language of Ethiopia, Christmas is termed “ Genna ”. ”Melkam Genna!” means Merry Christmas in Amharic. The Christmas celebrations in Ethiopia are conducted in all ancient and modern churches with much fervor.

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Why is Ethiopia 7 years?

A gap of seven to eight years between the Ethiopian and Gregorian calendars results from an alternative calculation in determining the date of the Annunciation. Thus the first day of the Ethiopian year, 1 Mäskäräm, for years between 1900 and 2099 (inclusive), is usually September 11 (Gregorian).

What year is Ethiopia in 2020?

Ethiopia marks new year, here’s why the country is in 2013 when the world is in 2020 – Face2Face Africa.

How old is the country of Ethiopia?

Background: Ethiopia is the oldest independent country in Africa and one of the world’s oldest – it exists for at least 2,000 years. The country comprises more than 80 ethnic groups and as many languages.

Why is Christmas in Iceland?

Christmas is often known as ‘Jól’ (Yule) in Iceland. This comes from the ancient winter solstice celebrations, that were taken over by the early Christians. Jól also include the New Year celebrations.

What is the name of the special porridge eaten at Christmas Eve dinner in many homes in Russia?

Christmas Eve dinner is meatless but festive. The most important ingredient is a special porridge called kutya. It is made of wheatberries or other grains which symbolize hope and immortality, and honey and poppy seeds which ensure happiness, success, and untroubled rest.

Do Ethiopian Christians fast?

During the Lent lead-up to Easter, Ethiopian Orthodox Christians fast for 55 consecutive days (Catholics fast for 40 days). Throughout the year there are seven designated fasting periods. Devoted adherents fast for around 165 to 250 days.

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How many days do Ethiopians fast?

It is generally agreed, and asserted by the Church itself, that the fasting regime of the Ethiopian Church is the strictest of any Church, with 180 mandatory fasting days for laymen and up to 252 days for clergy and the particularly observant. The general list of fasts are laid out in the Fetha Negest.

What is the name of the Christmas game the children in Ethiopia play?

It’s Christmas in Ethiopia! Orthodox Christians, who make up more than half of the Ethiopian population, celebrate Christmas, which they call “Genna”. Because Ethiopia follows the Julian calendar, Genna falls on 7 January.

How do you say sorry in Tigrinya?

Tigrinya word endings vary according to the gender of the person you are speaking to. Tigrinya.

Tigrinya – cardinal numbers
Im sorry Aytiha zeley
Thank you Yegeniyeley
You’re welcome Genzebka Genzebki


How do you play Genna?

To get a point, players need to hit the ball to the opponent’s goal. At the beginning two players from different teams face each other in the middle of the field, they contact their sticks 3 times and then fight over a ball. Game is divided into two 30-minute halves, and the winner is the team that scores more goals.

What is Gena Ethiopia?

Gena (Amharic: ገና) or qarsa (ቃርሳ) is a traditional field hockey game popular in the Ethiopian highlands. It is a game played in the space between villages but with no defined boundaries. The game is closely associated with Gena the January 7 celebration of Christmas, from which it gets its name.

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