How Ethiopia Blocked Social Media?

Is Instagram blocked in Ethiopia?

Service to social media platforms Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram has been restored in Ethiopia after they were restricted earlier on Monday, internet blockage observatory NetBlocks said.

Is Facebook blocked in Ethiopia?

In recent days, the government blocked social media message applications, including Facebook, Twitter, Viber and WhatsApp. Ethiopia is rated Not Free in Freedom in the World 2016, Not Free in Freedom of the Press 2016, and Not Free in Freedom on the Net 2015.

Why is Instagram not working in Ethiopia?

Ethiopia blocked social media for everyone because it’s “a distraction for students” After university entrance exams were cancelled because the questions were posted online, Ethiopia’s government has responded by blocking access to social media. The ban applies to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Viber.

Is discord banned in Ethiopia?

The new rules ban the use of social media, mobile devices or any means of communication to send messages the government deems will “create chaos, suspicion or discord among people.”

Is WhatsApp banned in Ethiopia?

An analysis of OONI WhatsApp measurements collected over the last month reveals that WhatsApp’s registration service and web version (web. were blocked in Ethiopia between 12th to 17th June 2019, but WhatsApp’s mobile app was not blocked.

Is Facebook working in Ethiopia?

Ethiopia has blocked social media sites across the country after university entrance exams were posted online. They will be unavailable for several days while university entrance exams are taken, a government spokesman said.

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