FAQ: What The Website Of Buna Bank Of Ethiopia?

How many branches does Bunna Bank have?

Our 215+ branches are located in business and residential locations at all major financial centers in Ethiopia.

What is news about Bunna International Bank?

Bunna International Bank Nets 440.23 million birr Profit for 2020/2019 f.y. Bunna International Bank has reported that it has earned a profit before tax amounting 582 million birr, making the net profit 440.29 million birr. This is the first time the company’s profit declined in it’s 11 years of operation.

What is Buna International Bank?

Bunna International Bank S.C. is one of the strong and public based private Banks in Ethiopia. The Bank provides a wide range of financial services including demand deposits, saving accounts, and certificate of deposits, telegraphic or telephone transfers, local drafts, and cashier payment orders.

When was Bunna International Bank established?

About Bunna The Bank officially commenced its operation on October 10, 2009 with subscribed & paid up capital of Birr 308 million and Birr 156 million, respectively.

What is the vision of Bunna bank?

VISION “Our vision is to be a public-powered and uniquely flavored Bank.” MISSION Our mission is to provide distinctly flavored banking services with unparalleled commitment to enhance values of our key stakeholders and ensure public trust through diversification, state-of-the-art technology, and ethically motivated

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What is the slogan of Awash Bank?

Awash Bank – Nurturing Like The River.

What is the vision of Oromia International Bank?

We are committed in providing full-fledged and best quality commercial banking services within the pertinent regulatory requirement with due diligence to sustainable business while empowering the missing middle and discharging social responsibility by engaging highly qualified, skilled, motivated and disciplined

What are the Mission and Vision of Development Bank of Ethiopia?

The Development Bank of Ethiopia is a specialized financial institution established to promote the national development agenda through development finance and close technical support to viable projects from the priority areas of the government by mobilizing fund from domestic and foreign sources while ensuring its

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