FAQ: What Is Procedures Of Commercial Bank Of Ethiopia?

What is the role of commercial bank in Ethiopia?

Commercial Bank of Ethiopia plays role in financial inclusion through deposit inclusion and credit inclusion The CBE plays important role in deposit and credit services in jurisdiction. The deposit of the CBE was increasing from time to time. For instance in the year 2010, the deposit with CBE was 56bn.

What are the legal requirements to carry on banking business in Ethiopia?

Ethiopian Banking Business laws

  • Legal Reserve.
  • Computation of Risk Weighted Asset.
  • Limitation of Accommodation.
  • Limitation of Investment of Bank.
  • Naming of Officer.
  • Approval of Appointment of an Independent of Authority.
  • Manner of Reporting Financial Information.
  • Minimum Paid up Capital to be Maintained by Bank.

How much is the interest rate of commercial bank of Ethiopia?

Commercial Bank of Ethiopia Savings Account

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Type Floating
Rate 7.00%
Currency ETB

In what circumstance that the CBE or commercial banks close the customers bank accounts?

“There has to be an illegal transaction or a below normal balance for the CBE to close the accounts.”

What is the difference between National Bank and Commercial Bank?

A commercial bank is any financial institution that holds deposits for and lends money to individuals and businesses. In the United States, a national bank is a commercial bank that is a member of the Federal Reserve System. As such, a national bank is an investing member of its district Federal Reserve Bank.

Which bank is best in Ethiopia?

Best Banks in Ethiopia for 2021

  • Bunna International Bank 2017/2018 Fiscal Year.
  • Abay Bank 2017/2018 Fiscal Year.
  • Berhan Bank 2017/2018 Fiscal Year.
  • Zemen Bank 2017/2018 Fiscal Year.
  • Enat Bank 2017/2018 Fiscal Year.
  • Addis International Bank 2017/2018 Fiscal Year.
  • Debub Global Bank 2017/2018 Fiscal Year.

Why banking business is regulated in Ethiopia?

The banking sector in Ethiopia is regulated by the central bank, the National Bank of Ethiopia, with the aim of ensuring the health of the financial sector and improving the efficiency of service provision.

Who regulates banks in Ethiopia?

Currently, the Ethiopian financial system consists financial institutions such as the National Bank of Ethiopia with aim to regulate the finance industry in the country, 17 commercial Banks; 15 insurance companies; a public and private employed workers pension scheme; 33 Micro Finance Institutions.

What is banking practice and regulation in Ethiopia?

Banking is a rapidly growing industry in Ethiopia. Currently there are 17 commercial banks in Ethiopia, one state owned and 16 private. Despite strict government regulations through lending quota, bond buying, windfall tax and increased capital requirements, banks are reporting strong profit and paying high dividends.

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What is the interest rate of CBE?

The financial giant Commercial Bank of Ethiopia ( CBE ) has adjusted its loan interest rate by at least 1.17 percent from the previous 8.63 percent, while its decision is expected to reflect on other banks’ minimum interest rate for loan provisions.

How do I apply for CBE?

How to apply CBE?

  1. First Download the Vacancy Notification [PDF]
  2. How to Apply Guideline: Download.
  3. Read the vacancy announcement carefully.
  4. Check the vacancy details with eligibility.
  5. Prepare your CV or Application Details.
  6. Finally, apply as instructed by the Authority.
  7. Online Application Link: Click Here.

How many branches have Commercial Bank of Ethiopia in 2020?

The bank has around 22,908 employees, who staff its headquarters and its over 1000+ branches positioned in the main cities and regional towns. The latter include 120 branches in the national capital Addis Ababa.

What is the function of CBE?

The main objectives and functions of the CBE are as follows: Realizing price stability and ensuring the soundness of the banking system. Formulating and implementing the monetary, credit & banking policies. Issuing banknotes and determining their denominations and specifications.

How do I use CBE mobile banking?

For smartphone users you have to download the CBE mobile app which is found in play store and apple store. After this you have to activate the app using the activation key they send you. Then you have to insert another activation key you will get this from the bank service provider.

What is mission of CBE?

Our Mission: “Under Promise and Over Deliver” – Exceeding customers and market expectations, based on sustained business models (win-win), with highly qualified, motivated human resources and generators of value propositions and unique solutions for our Customers.

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