FAQ: How To Find Address In Ethiopia?

How do you write an Ethiopian address?

Ethiopia – Personal names and Forms of Address Forms of address are usually written followed by the given name only. Some Ethiopians use their father’s or grandfather’s given name as a family name/second given name.

Does Ethiopia have street address?

Addresses. The concept of Western-style street addresses is unfamiliar to Ethiopians. Indeed, few towns outside Addis Ababa have proper street names, and even in the capital, the signposted “new” names for most roads usually means less to locals than the older or in some cases colloquial names.

What is address line 1 in Ethiopia?

Address line 1 should contain the primary address information and secondary address information (e.g., floor, suite or mail stop number) on one line. Address line 2 should contain the building/dorm or school name.

What is Address Line 2 in Ethiopia?

Address line 1 is street number and name. Line 2 is apartment, suite, floor…etc.

What is my postal code number Ethiopia?

Detail Postcode

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Administration/Region Zone Postal Code
Addis Ababa Addis Ababa Zone 2 1000
Addis Ababa Zone 6 1230
Dire Dawa Dire Dawa 3020
Dire Dawa 3220


Does Ethiopia have a zip code?

Postcodes do not exist in this country.

What is street address example?

“1234 Main Street ” is the street address. To this, you may add a second line, indicating the apartment, suite or other sub-unit of that curb address, before specifying the city, state, country (for international mail) and ZIP code.

How do I find my address line 1?

Any time you are asked for the first line of your address, you simply need to put in the number of your building and the name of the street where you live. Other information, such as apartment number, goes elsewhere, so you don’t need to worry about it here.

How many zones are in Ethiopia?

The regions of Ethiopia are administratively divided into 68 or more zones (Amharic: ዞን, zonə).

How do I write a full address?

How to write an address

  1. Write the recipient’s name on the first line.
  2. Write the street address or post office box number on the second line.
  3. Write the city, state, and ZIP code on the third.

What is street address?

Noun. 1. street address – the address where a person or organization can be found. address – the place where a person or organization can be found or communicated with.

What is the difference between address line 1 and 2?

Address Line 1 is generally for the civic number and street name (street address ). Address Line 2 is for the apartment, suite, unit number, or other address designation that is not part of the physical address.

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How do you write an address on one line?

When writing an address all on one line or in a sentence, use a comma before the following elements: the apartment or suite number, the city, and the state. It’s not necessary to use a comma before the zip code. Her address is 3425 Stone Street, Apt. 2A, Jacksonville, FL 39404.

Where is Addis Ababa Zone 2?

Addis Ababa Zone 2 is a second-order administrative division and is located in Ādīs Ābeba, Ethiopia. The estimate terrain elevation above seal level is 2306 metres.

What is a primary address?

Primary address means the mailing address of the person’s dwelling. If the mailing address is different from the actual location of the dwelling, primary address also includes the physical location of the dwelling described with as much specificity as possible.

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