FAQ: How To/call Ethiopia Using Boss Revolution?

How do you call Ethiopia?

How to Call Ethiopia from the U.S.

  1. First dial 011, the U.S. exit code.
  2. Next dial 251, the country code for Ethiopia.
  3. Then dial the area code (2 digits — please see a sample calling code list below)
  4. and finally the phone number (7 digits).

How do I make an international call on Boss Revolution?

Even if you don’t register a phone, you can still use it with your Boss Revolution account. Simply dial your access number and when prompted enter your registered phone number and your 4-digit security code. Then dial the number you wish to call, beginning with the country code.

What countries can I call with Boss Revolution?

Whether you’re calling internationally from the US, Australia or Kenya to Nigeria, Guatemala or Ghana with BOSS Revolution, you can rest assured that you are getting the best calling rates around.

How can I call Ethiopia for free?

Free calls to Ethiopia Mobile

  1. Totally free to call for customers that have an inclusive call package.
  2. Call Ethiopia free – any time, any day.
  3. Simply dial 08700 477 477 + 00251 + the local number.
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Is Ethiopia 7 years behind?

Pope Gregory XIII introduced the Gregorian calendar in 1582, naming it after himself. That said, the two calendars calculate the birth year of Jesus Christ differently. That makes the Ethiopian calendar seven to eight years behind the Gregorian calendar.

Is there Uber in Ethiopia?

In 2010, Uber began as a cab/taxi-hailing app and company and by 2021; it has become one of the world’s largest transportation companies. Following Uber’s example, Ethiopian ride hailing companies have followed in their footsteps and launched in the Ethiopian market bringing all Ethiopians a new way of commuting.

How can I make free international calls?

How to Make Free International Calls

  1. Skype. Skype is a free app for Android, Apple, and Windows devices.
  2. WhatsApp. Another commonly used app is the Facebook-owned WhatsApp.
  3. FaceTime. If you’re connecting to another Apple user, you can use the built-in FaceTime app.
  4. Viber.
  5. Rebtel.
  6. IMO.
  7. PopTox.
  8. LINE.

What is a boss Revolution code?

TODAY: Use promo code ” BOSS ” to get 1️⃣5️⃣% EXTRA on recharges of $5 – $100. Valid on pinless recharges made in the app or BOSS Revolution stores. Terms apply. BOSS Revolution makes it simple & cheap to stay in touch with loved ones, with high quality international calling, mobile airtime top ups & money transfers.

What is the Boss Revolution app?

BOSS Revolution is an international calling app with a difference. Get crystal-clear call quality, send a text now, and do a mobile top-up. All in one free calling app. Just download the app and start connecting.

Can I text with Boss Revolution?

Yes, BOSS Revolution app customers can make free calls to other app users. Download the BOSS Revolution Calling App and ask your loved ones abroad to also download it. This will enable you to make calls, have videoconferences, and send text messages completely FREE between app users.

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Can I use Boss Revolution in UK?

International calling. to United Kingdom ( Great Britain ) Get unlimited calls to landline and mobile phones in the United Kingdom for 30 days! Get unlimited calling to more than 40 destinations including any phone in Mexico.

Who is the owner of Boss Revolution?

IDT Corporation (NYSE: IDT), through its IDT Telecom division, provides telecommunications and payment services to individuals and businesses primarily through its flagship Boss Revolution ® and net2phone® brands.

How much does it cost to call Ethiopia?

You can call Ethiopia for 23.8 ¢ per minute to a landline and 23.8 ¢ per minute to mobile.

How do I call Ethiopia from UK?

To call Ethiopia from United Kingdom, dial: 00 – 251 – Area Code – Land Phone Number 00 – 251 – 9 Digit Mobile Number

  1. 00 – Exit code for United Kingdom, and is needed for making any international call from United Kingdom.
  2. 251 – ISD Code or Country Code of Ethiopia.
  3. Area code – There are 9 area codes in Ethiopia.

How do you call Ethiopia from Canada?

How to call Ethiopia from Canada

  1. Step 1: Exit code – 011.
  2. Step 2: Country code – 251.
  3. Step 3: Area code and number 251 9 xx xxx xxxx.

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