FAQ: How Many People In Ethiopia Uses Cellphone?

How many Internet and cell phone users are there in Ethiopia?

Ethio Telecom: data and internet subscribers 2012-2020. In the 2019/20 fiscal year there were 23.8 million data and internet subscribers to Ethio Telecom in Ethiopia, up 9.2 percent from the previous year, and the highest number of subscribers they have had during the given period from 2012/13.

Where does Ethiopia rank by number of mobile phones in use?


Rankings Country or regions # of phone numbers
46 Ethiopia 18,000,000
47 Guatemala 17,571,895
48 United Arab Emirates 17,132,724
49 Ecuador 15,900,000


Which country uses mobile phones the most?

By total number of smartphone users, “China by far has the most, boasting 783 million users. India took the #2 spot with 375 million users (less than half of China’s number).

How fast is Internet in Ethiopia?

As of January 2019 in Addis Ababa there are 2G/3G and 4G ( Ethiopian Telecommunication) connection options. Despite the availability of 4G sim & connections speed for a mobile connection hardly reach 3 Mbit/s of download speed, and 1 Mbit/s for upload (average 1.5 Mbit/s download, 0.3 Mbit/s upload).

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How much does internet cost in Ethiopia?

The price of Internet 8 Mbps (1 month) in Addis Ababa is 949 Birr. This average is based on 21 price points. It can be considered reliable and accurate.

Who is the richest Ethiopian?

This article contains special characters.

Mohammed Hussein Al Amoudi
ሙሀመድ አልዐሙዲ محمد حسين العمودي
Born 1947 Woldia, Wollo, Ethiopia
Nationality Saudi, Ethiopian
Net worth US$8.1 billion (March 2017)

Can I use my cell phone in Ethiopia?

Yes. Be aware all ETC sim cards are normal size. So if ur phone takes micro it has to be cut down to size. If the seller cannot do it, the city is full of mobile phone shops that will do it.

What is the average salary in Ethiopia?

Average Salary / Ethiopia. Average salary in Ethiopia is 663,703 ETB per year. The most typical earning is 280,483 ETB. All data are based on 323 salary surveys.

Which country does not use mobile phone?

Canada, where one-quarter of the population has no mobile phone, is a notable exception among advanced countries. And Japan – perhaps surprisingly, given the country’s obsession with high-tech gadgets – also has a relatively low rate of smartphone ownership at 66%.

Which phone is mostly used in USA?

Q3 2020 Highlights

USA Smartphone Shipments Market Share (%)
Brands 2019 Q2 2020 Q2
Apple 41% 46%
Samsung 21% 25%
LG 13% 12%

Which country buys most iPhones?

China is the country where people used the most iPhones, followed by Apple’s home market the United States – at that time, 228 million iPhones were in use in China and 120 million in the U.S.

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What is the fastest Internet in Ethiopia?

On this page you will find a list of ISPs offering Internet access in Ethiopia ordered by the highest Download speed. ISPs in Ethiopia.

Provider Name Download Speed Number of Tests
Ethiopian Telecommunication Corporation 7.84 Mb/s 741
Forcepoint Cloud 11.05 Mb/s 3

Is there Internet in Ethiopia?

Ethiopia is the second most populous country in Africa with more than 105 million citizens. However, it has relatively low Internet connectivity with less than 15% of its population having access to the Internet.

Is there WiFi in Ethiopia?

The inflight WiFi can be accessed with smart phones, tablets and laptops. The inflight WiFi internet is initially launched on the A350 fleet of Ethiopian with further plans to expand the service on other airplanes deployed on long haul flights. Ethiopian Airlines ( Ethiopian ) is the fastest growing Airline in Africa.

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